Understanding Human Interaction

From why consumers buy certain products to why countries go to war, we seek to model and understand how individuals and institutions interact around the globe. We tackle problems in business, politics, international security, and anywhere else you find conflict and cooperation.

Data Driven Analysis

We believe strongly in measuring the world as it actually is rather than it might appear in anecdotes or simulations. We’ve developed methods for measuring human activity from  government records,  social media, satellite imagery, cell phone calls,  financial transactions, archival documents, news reports, and every other form of information under the sun. We make it a point of pride to find signal no matter the source, be it structured or unstructured data, tiny or giant databases,  tables, imagery, or natural language text.


We can:

  • develop models of your problem that generate testable predictions.
  • analyze your existing data to answer specific questions, or visualize it and find structure that you hadn’t thought to look for.
  • automate your current data collection process, replacing human coding or providing aids to speed human coding.
  • develop entirely new data from a variety of sources.

Who We Are

We are a team of social scientists and data scientists based in San Diego with experience working in academic, government, and business domains. We have both in-house expertise and a large network of scholars and subject experts that can work on your specific issues.

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